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4 years ago I had a dream. That dream was that my projects worked well for me, that I had the idea of the Organo Gold business, where I worked full time, to the corners of the planet, and that an important part of the world could know and accept the benefits of this extraordinary product. However, I could not give my team the tools I used so that they could duplicate my work and help me in this vision. We also found it difficult to find people who had the same degree of commitment and desire to do the same, with all the people there.

So, I thought about what I needed: a way to work online that was easy to duplicate and we all used the same tools optimized equally, in order to have all the results we needed.

Finding the right people and having the right tools became my mission before returning to the field. This has taken me almost 4 years. Now I have a question for you, would you like to benefit from all this development?

Maybe nobody explained to you with details that he was going to deal with this whole NPC project. However, I think it's time for you to meet him. Business for Home is a sales system that allows you to use this platform not only to generate money for the sales obtained, but to learn how to sell, because you have to sell, and find the beauty that has the sale and the benefits that this process brings .

From NPC you will sell not only for the quality of the tools, but also for the community that you will find within this platform, which will help you maintain the energy necessary to transmit to your clients the benefits of buying you. Imagine finding the place where there are people
Wishing to buy to meet their needs. Millions of people love to buy. Think of yourself, do you like to buy? What do many people do when they get depressed or feel euphoric? Go shopping, go shopping, go out and spend.
What if you learn with us how to be in front of these buyers who are willing to satisfy your need, giving you a value that makes you feel good about buying from you?

Finding the right product or service that goes with you is our mission. Help you in this process of professionalizing yourself in what you like most, in what you can give value to others. This is the proposal that exists in this team and our commitment; Help you find the diamond you have inside.

Isaac Gálvez

Founder and CEO NPC


Moments of Change or Instability?

You need results!

You are at home or in the office, with a lot of work and things to do, all day busy, with the pressure that you have to get results soon. But you feel restrained, as if you were pulling a dead weight. You do not know where to continue, what's more, you plan even if you continue ... do you know the situation?

I meet many people who, after several failed attempts at business, now do not know how to get ahead. They feel that they lost the magic, the illusion, the desire ... And although one day they saw a great opportunity, the frustration and despair of the moment makes them doubt. And my question is ... What are your reasons for continuing to do this? Or better yet, what were the reasons that led you to start?

You have to reset and return to the bases, to the origin ... the motives.
Now, are your reasons really important enough for you to make you leave your comfort zone? Although sometimes the comfort zone is uncomfortable, one gets used to it, and ends up adjusting to the discomfort ... It seems like a tongue twister ... but it is the pure reality.

How many people around you are complaining all day but do nothing to change? They are uncomfortable, that is why they complain, but they have really got used to being like this, and there is nothing that really moves them to change it.

Do not fall for that! Take the time you need to rethink your whys; even if you do not stop analyzing for a long time. Take action and look for results. Find people who inspire you, who have left your situation. As one great sage said: Turn your frustration into fascination.

How hungry are you? Maybe your moment is another. Maybe once you achieved some achievement in online business and your hunger for success was partially satisfied. You may no longer have the burning desire for recognition ...

You lost the tiger look !? If so, the solution is the same. Reset and go back to the bases. Look for new reasons, new why. If you really want to have results and you want to have them soon you must raise your level of demand. You have to ask yourself more. You also have to leave your comfort zone.
It's time to put back a work plan and fulfill it. Go back to the discipline of work, reread books that inspired you in the beginning, fulfill your numbers ...

Massive action massive results! Go back to studying your numbers. These play in your favor, as long as you understand them and respect them. You can decide the result based on them.

You remember? We have already said that we had to return to the bases. With how many people do you have to talk to have a presentation? How many presentations to make a client / distributor?
Make it fun again, go back to passion with what you do. Only then will the results come with enjoying what you do.

Become an example for your team! And if you still do not have, or have lost it, work on yourself and become attractive. Causes situations that bring you closer to success. The rest will follow you. Success attracts success!

David González

Founder and Distributor Master NPC
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