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The Closing, Looking for Reasons

The closing is a fundamental part in the process of a presentation or negotiation. A lot has been written on the subject. Without going any further, if we do an Internet search of the words "closing a negotiation" almost 13 million results appear. Strategies and advice that give us the key to obtain a fruitful closure. But, do these techniques work when we are presenting a network marketing business?


The closing of a negotiation, whatever it may be, is the culmination of a process and implies a decision making. Therefore, it carries an important emotional and psychological component. We must do our job well in the presentation so that this decision, regardless of what it is, is taken with conscience.

A good business closure is having a good "YES" or a good "NO". That is, that the prospect has a clear answer at the moment. That will be a sign that it has remained, at least in principle, all clear. Remember that when you invite a person to see a presentation of your business, you are simply inviting them to know the project information, and based on that information, they will decide if they want to do it and when. It is evident that there are many factors that will influence the final decision making of the person. Some of them depend directly on the distributor. But, not everything will depend on this one. You may have made a brilliant presentation and eventually the prospect decides not to start, or at least not at that moment.

It's not about convincing, but about find reasons

The best option is to show yourself as a professional, being consistent with what you say and being very clear to whom you want to join your team.

It is not about convincing anyone or emotionally manipulating people, since an euphoric prospect, influenced perhaps by sales techniques or neurolinguistic programming, may later abandon it if the well-known "buyer's remorse" appears. it consists of becoming aware after the emotion has passed, and thinking that what he did was not necessary.

Experience shows that it is not the best option to decide to start a network marketing business just for the excitement of the moment, although there is always an exception that confirms the rule. It is not just about emotion, but about one's own conviction.

If you try to convince someone to join your business network, you may also have to convince them later to work and you will be surrounded by people without initiative.

Be selective. Today there are many tools, especially through the internet (blogs, capture pages, autoresponders, social networks, etc.), which give you the ability to massively prospect and filter, found people who are looking for what you offer.

Focus on listening to the person in front of you. Search your whys; the reasons why you should do this business and join your team. Go deep, ask smart questions that make you find these reasons.

It will not always be the economic need. There are people who look for more time to dedicate to their family, to their hobbies, people who seek recognition or the possibility of developing a professional career. If you find the why, you will have the key.

The closing through questions

el cierre de negociosImmediately after the presentation, you can ask the following questions that will help you to your prospect to clarify the ideas:

  1. What do you like the most about everything you've seen? And we listen ...
  1. Based on what you have seen, imagine that you join the company with prospects to work part-time. How much would you need to earn to make it worthwhile to invest your time? You need to say a specific amount.
  1. How many hours would you be willing to invest a week to get this income? It must say a number.
  1. How many months would you be willing to work those hours until you get that income? It should say a number of months.
  1. If I could teach you how to get the income you want per month, working the hours you mentioned, for x months, would you be willing to start? Would you need to know something else to begin with?

With the last question we are giving you your answers back. With the questions, the prospect has made the numbers in his head that justify his signature. Remind him of his reasons and the reasons why this may be the opportunity he was waiting for.

In addition, with this last point we have made clear to you several important aspects that we must never forget and that are key in the MLM:

- He's not going to get rich overnight.

- It takes work and effort to generate income.

- We will help you in the process to reach your goals, but we need your commitment. The idea of "if you give and step, I give two with you".

At this point, and having obtained some realistic responses from the prospect, according to our compensation plan, we calculate what you want and what you need to do to achieve it.

If the answer has been a NO, do not come down. If you have not heard before, in network marketing, as in many areas of life, it's all about numbers. Keep working on you, analyze what you can change and / or improve and get involved. Do not forget either that a not today can be a yes tomorrow ...

If the prospect decides to start working with you and join your team, congratulations! But remember, now is when your work really begins. You are committed to helping him achieve his goals as long as he does what is necessary. Rise once more and show that you have made a good decision.

Work before and during the presentation

- Do not improvise. Prepare your exposure well. Let it be noticed that you master the concepts.

- Be professional. Take care of all the details, from the material you will use to your own image, and of course, your attitude!

- Shows enthusiasm for what you do; without exaggerating.

- Create a "bridge" with the person in front of you. You will achieve this by listening with sincerity and really worrying about what he tells you. That will be the key that will lead you to your reasons and reasons.

- After a presentation, we should not ask the typical question: what do you think? Because that denotes that you do not have confidence in your business and you need approval, therefore it puts you at a disadvantage.

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