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My Dad Is a Networker

Perhaps, whoever has children can have a smile drawn when reading the title ...

It is typical at school age that there is the day of the parents' profession, where they come to explain to the children's classmates that they are engaged. It's an ideal day for the firefighter dad, the police mom, dad the vet, doctor, mechanic, teacher, but ... What do I tell you that I work in the multilevel?

Maybe the children hallucinated when I pronounced the words "I am a networker" thinking that I work in another galaxy or something like that. But the face of astonishment of the professor can be of film ... I imagine it with a raised eyebrow and the face of "poker".

What do I tell them? It did not help much the lack of knowledge of the profession, or the "publicity" that has made us some other TV network lately ... If I tell you that we are like an army of soldiers, we meet in the most expensive hotels in the city , that we are always motivated and that we are happy with what we do, they categorize me as a weirdo.

Well, I got down to work and began to prepare a more elaborate explanation on the matter, since what you least want in the world is to disappoint your child.

To see children ... I'm a Networker, who comes from Network Marketing.

This is the name of this industry in English, but in Spanish it would be Online Businesses, Multi-Level Marketing or MLM.

It is a profession that was born about 100 years ago and there are currently millions of people around the world who are dedicated to the same thing as me. My job is to select a company that distributes a very good product and that many people need or like, such as a mobile phone.

In a traditional business, like the ones we all know, until the mobile arrives at the store, many people go before it. First they make it, then they import it, it comes to a warehouse, then they distribute it, they make publicity so that everybody wants to buy it, it comes to the stores and finally we buy it. In each step the phone has become more expensive. Maybe when they made it it cost 50 euros, but when you get to the store it's worth 300.

The difference in direct sales, which is what I do, is that there are not so many intermediaries, so the product does not get as expensive and we gain this difference that previously remained in the different stages of the distribution system.

So, I am looking for people who want to work with me distributing the product of the company that we have selected. I show them how it is done and I help them to start developing their work. They in turn can also look for more people who want to do the same as us. The company pays me every time I sell a product, also when they sell it, and even when the rest of the people who have started working with us sell it. It is as if a great team was created.

It seems that everything is going well ... at least the teacher has understood it. The face shows a bit of astonishment, but the eyebrow is still in place. I continue ...

Anyone can be a distributor of this company. No matter the age, his profession and whether he is a man or a woman. You just have to be willing to work and learn to do new things, like you do here at school.

I really like what I do because I know a lot of people and new places. It is also gratifying to see how people achieve their goals and bring their families forward.

Now, this sounds weird ... the teacher asks ... Well, it seems very nice, right?

Yes it is. Although it has its complicated part. Sometimes I have to travel outside and I spend many days without seeing my family. But I have learned that the most important thing of the time you dedicate to those you want is quality and not so much quantity. So at home we have a norm: when we are all together eating we do not watch TV, we talk and we tell ourselves the things of the day to day; when one has a problem, we seek the solution together; If anyone has a sad day, the others are happy ... we are a team!

In my company we have also learned and teach others that perseverance, perseverance, commitment, enthusiasm, humility, honesty, friendship, ethics, respect and determination are essential values to succeed in what you propose And that you can become what you want as long as you are willing to fight for it.

There is silence. The teacher stands up and begins to applaud ... goal fulfilled!

My little girl gets up and comes running to hug me ... test passed!

But a child is still sitting. Raise your hand to ask ...

- I have a question. Can my dad be a Networker too? 

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2 thoughts on “Mi Papá Es Networker”

  1. Creo que muy pocos de los que estamos aquí, estamos de acuerdo con el trato de este programa, pero lamentablemente, tenemos que luchar por lavar la imagen de nuestra industria

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