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My first time

Who can forget his first time?

He can be remembered with pleasure or with some resignation, but nobody forgets the first time he met the multilevel, especially if it was with the
"Innocence" of youth.
I remember a story that may sound familiar, but that has undoubtedly been repeated on numerous occasions in hundreds of countries

The first date


Advertising paper on the windshield of my car: "Income extra part time. Large full-time income. Call for an interview. " Is it true?

I call just in case and they give me an appointment to attend an interview.
The day arrives. Arranged with my best attire I attend the "interview" with my girlfriend, just in case we like the interviewer and have a space for her too. We arrived at the hotel; It must be a good thing because it is one of the best in the city. We entered the hall with some nervousness
but with the chest swollen and the curriculum under the arm ... of course.

We ask at the reception for job interviews. By the way, I fall at that moment that, I do not know the name of the company! Nor what do you do!
Well ... let's continue. They indicate us. There are enough people over there; I hope they do not all come to the same thing. My chest starts to deflate.
We went down a staircase and, surprise! This is bursting with people! Jolín, we're already late, we did not get the job even in dreams! Or, maybe they have many vacancies.

They indicate us and we approach a table where we have to give our name, telephone and say who has mentioned us ... Ugh, and what do I do with a girlfriend if she did not have an appointment? I explain to the young lady that she is accompanying me and that she is also interested in the position. To my surprise, the lady seems great ... Well, no ... she actually says: great!

First test passed. Now it's time to get over the interview. But when we enter the room, there are a lot of chairs! People sit behind, but I grab my girlfriend by the arm and take a place in the first row. It will be better to see us from the first, so they see us interest and insurance
we have more possibilities

Already seated we observe around us. There are many people, most of them in suits. They smile a lot and even some hug. The company has to be good with its workers so that they are so happy.
The music is a bit high, so I can not hear what they're talking about.

Suddenly they announce someone. Many people get up and applaud. As by inertia we do the same ... I notice that my girlfriend is a little tense. I do not ask in case ...

Love at first sight

A man begins to explain something with a power point presentation. I do not know much.

After the explanation, people start to tell how they
goes in this company. That last! I see professors, students, housewives, even a firefighter ... How good this would come to me!

Then they talk about the possibilities of promotion of the company.


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