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First Impression, An Image of Success



Twe have all heard that of A picture is worth a thousand words. It is a statement that nothing far from reality reveals something that we are all aware of: the importance of the image, especially in relation to professional relationships.


Within the MLM this takes an even greater dimension, since it is a form of business based on the relationship with people daily. This contact can be in situ with a client, a distributor, a prospect or between colleagues. But it is also important to take care of our image when we are behind the computer screen, on social networks and even when we drive.


To develop our work in the business world we have a great "toolbox" that we use continuously. From it we obtain learned knowledge referred to our company, about economic results, products, commercial skills, etc. But we must know that one of the most important tools we have is ourselves. How they see us, how we talk, how we dress; In short, what image we project and how others perceive us in our professional field and of course in the personnel.


We are our best business card. What our image projects can greatly condition our professional relationships. Therefore, it is important to have all the information on how to present ourselves adequately to others.


Inappropriate dress, being late, inaccuracies at a meal, ... can make a work appointment a disaster for our business.

It is often said that the most critical period in the first meeting between two people are the first minutes, seconds or even thousandths of a second according to recent psychological studies, and based on that a first image is created. Obviously, it is only an interpretation that can change later when we know the person. But better to create a good impression of ourselves at the first contact, right?



It is curious how we have all felt attracted or repelled towards a person shortly after knowing her. All these factors mentioned above play an important role. We transmit a lot of data unconsciously in a first impression, and it is something we must work on.

The handshake, the tone of voice, the posture of the body, our dress, our personal care and hygiene, the smile, ... in short, the attitude when presenting is the first information we receive from someone.



  • The first impression is difficult to change later. Strive to give the best version of yourself at every moment.
  • Take care of clothing and personal care as a sign of respect for yourself and others. Our wardrobe unconsciously offers a lot of information about us. Choose your outfit appropriately for every occasion.
  • Protocol. Knowing how to be and how to behave on each occasion will give us a lot of security when we relate to each other. Use common sense
  • Personal magnetism Self confidence. Become an attractive person, with which people want to be and feel good. Make sure you work on yourself as much as on your business.


A recent study conducted by psychologists at the universities of Glasgow

(Scotland) and Princeton (USA) has shown that the first impression is formed in less than a second. Just by saying Hello we can know the personality type of the subject that speaks, even without seeing it. The research used 320 volunteers who heard 64 speakers say hello and then classified them with 10 personality traits such as confidence, dominance, honesty and warmth. The experiment makes clear how we should take care of the tone of voice we use as it directly influences the image that is forged from us. Phil McAleer, Alexander Todorov, Pascal Belin. “How Do You Say ‘Hello’? Personality Impressions from Brief Novel Voices”. Plos One. 2014

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0090779


No careless or slovenly person can become a successful leader. The leadership demands respect. Followers will not respect a leader who is not highly valued when it comes to the factors that confer a pleasant personality.

"Think and become rich". Napoleón Hill- Cáp.7. Main characteristics of a leader.



Rule 1: Shows real interest in others.

Rule 2: Smile.

Rule 3: Remember that for every person his name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

Rule 4: Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.

Rule 5: Speak thinking about what interests others.

Rule 6: Make the other person feel important and do it honestly.

"How to Win Friends and Influence People". Dale Carnegie



- Fallen shoulders - Appearance of despondency and failure.

- Soft handshake - Inspires little confidence and low self-esteem.

- Evasive look - You do not believe what you speak or lie; with which you inspire little confidence.


If you want to transmit strength, security, confidence and positive energy. - Look directly into the eyes.- Give your hand with force.

- Smile.

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