Rubí Pack 1.15% NPCcoins

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99.99000000 NPC



Cloud Mining Package RUBÍ

Daily Reward 1.15% NPCcoins

With this package, you can have a reward of the daily distribution, which corresponds to ₦ 1.1499 each day as long as the distribution is made, you are active and green in the timer. The daily delivery is made at 2:50 AM of New York every 24h.

To be active you must complete a copy and paste task every day, very easy, that only takes 1 minute or less. You can see the tutorial here: how to do cloud mining task.

If you do the homework each day you will get a total of ₦ 206,982 which is a performance greater than 100% at 6 months.

The daily dividend will be added to your total balance account.

Packages are limited and will never be sold again when stocks run out.

Only 2 Ruby packages can run at a time per user for the duration of the package.

2 valuations in Pack Rubí 1.15% NPCcoins

  1. Mahesh Weerasuriya


  2. Patricio Rebolledo Henriquez (verified owner)

    it’s so easy

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