Welcome to the generous Affiliate Program of NegociosParaCasa.com

Our generous affiliate program will allow you to generate infinite NPCcoins for helping us to promote our platform, our services and our products, rewarding you with a commission provided by our commercial margin.

We estimate that you can earn approximately up to 80% commissions for the promotion of our web portal through your referral link.

Our system registers each new user on our website through a hierarchical matrix system of 4 fronts up to 9 levels.

Each campaign of our affiliate program promotions specifies how much you can earn from each click, each sale or each lead (prospect).

Each time a new user registers on the web through your referral link, you get ₦ 2.50000000 reward and this will become a Direct yours, with what you will always and for life charge the commission percentage assigned according to the campaign of all the products and services that it buys.

Take for example the main campaign of NegociosParaCasa.com:

When you promote our main link of negociosparacasa.com with your tracking id, which is usually built in this way: https://negociosparacasa.com/?ref=your user name, we will register through cookies every interaction that a new visitor has with our website.

At the moment you access our site, we will compensate you for your one-time click with a prize of ₦ 0.00010000 per unique visitor.

If this visitor visits several pages of the web, his next clicks will be denied. However, if this is registered on the site, you will get a prize of ₦ 2.50000000.

If this new user makes a purchase of a GOLD membership of ₦ 49.97000000, you get 25% direct commission. In this case, ₦ 12.49250000.

Our Multilevel Forced Matrix program will always look for the available positions of your new registered users within your tree, taking into account a general rule. It is filled from left to right and from top to bottom, but regardless of the place they occupy in the matrix. For you, it will always be your first commission level regardless of the place it occupies in the matrix.

For example, you invite 6 people: Juan, Jose, Ana, Raúl, Pilar and Pablo. The order in which they register is vital for positioning. Take this order as an example: John being the first to register and Paul the last. If all the records were made at the same time, without a space of time for another user already registered above you or one of your 6 registered ones to register a new user, the table would be as in the following image. The interrogation circle would be the next available position for you or for Juan or for a member before you, perhaps your sponsor.

However, although Pilar and Pablo are under Juan, you are the one who receives ₦ 2,500,000,000 for each of these 6 records, since they are your Directives. You will also always receive 25% commission on your purchases.

Now Juan only has 2 first level available sites for him, since you have filled 2 available sites of his first level with Pilar and Pablo that, although they are in the first level of Juan, are not his direct ones. This is called Spill, since Pilar and Pablo have fallen on your second level.

If none of these 6 registered anyone else and you continued registering new members, with 2 more records you would complete the first four spaces of Juan and you would begin to fill Jose's 4 spaces until completing the 16 available spaces of your second level, since your first level are the spaces occupied by Juan, Jose, Ana and Raúl and it coincides with the fact that they are your Directives because when you have registered them these positions were empty.


The benefit of the matrix becomes operational when your affiliates generate new affiliates and new sales, receiving your commission according to the level at which the sale has been generated.

To continue with the previous example and see how our generous and supportive forced-matrix system works, let's see what would happen if Pablo made a new record: Rosa.

When Pablo registers Rosa, having no space occupied by you or by Juan, Rosa would enter the first position of Paul's first level and it would be his direct, with which it would be Pablo who would receive ₦ 2.500 million. However, Juan would receive a Second Level commission of ₦ 0.22000000 and you of Third Level of ₦ 0.05000000. 

For this to be easily understood, we say that multilevel commissions are generated from where the profit or sale occurs.

In this case, all the commissions generated from Rosa's purchases would be paid by Pablo at 25%, since it is his direct and from Pablo backwards at the following levels, benefiting in this case Juan at 7%, without having brought any benefit or sale, thanks to the spill.

The table of registration fees are the following:

  1. Direct: ₦ 2.50000000
  2. Second level: ₦ ‎0.22000000
  3. Third level: ₦ ‎0.05000000
  4. Fourth level: ₦ ‎0.08000000
  5. Fifth level: ₦ ‎0.05000000
  6. Sixth level: ₦ ‎0.03000000
  7. Seventh level: ₦ ‎0.02000000
  8. Eighth Level: ₦ ‎0.02000000
  9. Ninth Level: ₦ ‎0.03000000

The table of commissions for sales of products and services in the campaign of Negocios ParaCasa.com based on the value of the product sold on the sale price are:

  1. Direct: 25%
  2. Second level: 7%
  3. Third level: 15%
  4. Fourth level: 5%
  5. Fifth level: 4%
  6. Sixth level: 3%
  7. Seventh level: 2%
  8. Eighth Level: 4%
  9. Ninth Level: 5%

The single commission per click table generated by each affiliate are:

  1. Direct: ₦ ‎0.00010000
  2. Second level: ₦ ‎0.00010000
  3. Third level: ₦ ‎0.00001000
  4. Fourth level: ₦ ‎0.0.00000100
  5. Fifth level: ₦ ‎0.00000010
  6. Sixth level: ₦ ‎0.00000004
  7. Seventh level: ₦ ‎0.00000003
  8. Eighth Level: ₦ ‎0.00000002
  9. Ninth Level: ₦ ‎0.00000001

In addition to the BusinessParaCasa.com campaign, we are including campaigns for other websites, both the platform and third parties. Each Campaign has its own configuration of commissions, both clicks and sales and can distribute from only direct sales as different levels of commission.

For example, a campaign may only pay a 20% commission in only two levels and generate no commission per click. For example, pay 15% direct sales and 5% pay at the second level.

Each user is free to promote the affiliate link that suits them, but can generate commissions because some affiliate of your tree generates some sale of a campaign, although he himself is not participating.

When an affiliate has filled in all the positions of his tree, totaling 349,524 positions and registers another direct user, he will open a new position in his matrix, forcing the overflow, opening a new matrix from this new user onwards, converting your frontal to 5 instead of 4.

Positions available from a user onwards are:

  1. First Level: 4
  2. Second level: 16
  3. Third level: ‎64
  4. Fourth level: ‎256
  5. Fifth level: ‎1024
  6. Sixth level: ‎4096
  7. Seventh level: 16384
  8. Eighth Level: 65536
  9. Ninth Level: 262144

To stay active in the system and charge commissions each month, you must maintain a minimum sales value of ₦ 50.00000000. If at the end of each period sales have not been made equal to or higher than this minimum, all sales and click commissions will be rejected and your position compressed.

All affiliate program commissions will be credited to your NPCcoins Generated account between the 1st and the 5th of each month.

To access the affiliate program, you must only be registered and activate your ORO Membership to see the following link that gives you access to the affiliate panel where you can track each click, each sale, each commission, the tools of promotion, banners, pdfs, texts, emails, etc.

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