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VideoBlogging, Make yourself watch

The technological era in which we live has drastically changed our way of communicating. In relatively few years we have gone from sending messages through letters or telegrams to live videoconferences or videoblogs, where in addition to the importance of words and information, it is clear once again, the value of the image.

Since the internet entered our lives, communication between people has undergone important changes. Changes in the media through which we send what we want to transmit, but also in the essence of communication itself: the interaction between people.

All this technological and digital development has not been able to replace physical or visual contact. A picture is worth a thousand words…

A new trend: videoblogs

This evolution in the way we communicate has given rise to the appearance of other, more visual media.
Many times you want to hide behind an e-mail or a chat, but it will be difficult to reach your interlocutor correctly; will lack sensations to transmit, the image will be missing.

For this reason, videoconferences have achieved a place in the world of distance relations. Being able to see the person you are communicating with, even if an entire ocean separates you from it, is extraordinarily effective.

The only downside that can be put to the video conference is that it is as ephemeral as a live conversation and that it will only reach one or several people who are connected at that moment.

That is why videoblogs are imposed as a form of expression, thus appearing a new trend. The web has gone from being a static site where to offer or look for information to a totally live environment, where users interact and interact in all areas.

If blogs became a wall where to express opinions, tastes and emotions and make themselves known, videoblogs go a step further and become a showcase where not only matters what is counted, but how it is counted and above all who tells it?

A facial expression saves hundreds of written characters ...

Even emoticons!

The new smartphones are a great advantage to make videobloggin since they are able to create and edit quasi-professional videos.


With only 24 years old, the Swedish Felix Kjellberg has become the most famous videoblogger in the world recording funny videos, parodies and jokes.

It has a channel with more than 27 million subscribers and more than 50 million visits per week. This has reported annual profits of 4 million dollars.


• Sincerity and spontaneity are highly valued today. If you are able to create interesting videos about something very wanted, possibly people will empathize with you quickly. You will generate great attraction for the fact that a message is being sent that the receiver receives as if it were exclusive.

• It is not easy to make a video if you do not know what you are going to talk about. The same thing implies that those who dedicate themselves to these types of blogs, in most cases, know what they are talking about. If it were not like that, it would easily be noticed. Choose topics that you master and documéntate.

• Conversations can be recorded so that you do not have to repeat a certain explanation. If one stops to think how many times we repeat the explanation of some procedure we would be frightened by the amount of time we lose in it. A video can be played as many times as necessary and it is very easy to reach those who need to listen to that particular message.

• YouTube has become one of the best platforms for business. Videos are placed very quickly in the top positions of the search engines if one chooses the title and keywords correctly.

What story, how and where

The popularity of this new medium is clear. Now, how can we take advantage of it? The main function, besides the diffusion of an idea, opinion or taste about something, is the promotion of ourselves.

We have already seen that with videoblogs not only will you tell what we say, but other elements like our own image, background, intonation, voice, light, camera, video editing and even other elements will also come into play. the broadcast channel.

You have to be clear about certain points before you start:

What is the topic to be discussed, the idea to spread. It would be practical to make an outline with the main ideas, or even if you need to write the entire script of what you are going to tell.

It is also important to know from the beginning what the end of the video is and to whom it is directed. Obviously it is not the same to record a video with a commercial, professional or domestic objective.

You must prepare all the material you will need. Camera, lighting, backgrounds and decoration if necessary.

Seen all the above, whether you are starting a business right now or if you have been developing it for a while, the advice will be to learn the basics of videoblogging.


Start today to record your first videos on the subject you have chosen and in a matter of months you will see great results.

I leave you a challenge. Do a search on any of the keywords that interest you for your business. If there is no video on the first search page, put yours! Then work on that keyword in the title and text of your video posts and publish it in one of the available platforms (youtube, vimeo or dailymotion) to spread it.
If you have done a good job, you will have results very soon. If not, do not worry! Perseverance and practice will be your great allies.

Some technical advice:



The simplest fund and at zero cost is the environment in which we find ourselves, be it the street, office, field or the supermarket. If you have to take care of the details as they influence the image you want to convey. Other backgrounds: the wall, a curtain, a custom screen, folding background, paper roll, fabric or vinyl or Croma Key.



The most economical lighting is natural light, although it will depend on the time you do and the time of day. Other methods are homemade artificial light (a pair of 100 watt bulbs and about 6,500K (cold or white light) may be enough.Technical elements are softboxes, spotlights or umbrellas.



The most viable option is the microphones of the camera itself although there is also a wide variety of options on the market, such as lapel mics, tabletop or some that use tripods and mechanisms to prevent them from being seen in the recording.



The most used are those of today's smartphones that offer quite quality and webcams. The advantage of mobiles is that they allow you to record a videoblog anywhere without the need to carry a computer. The most advanced option would be the video camera.



Nowadays the easiest online software to publish video blogs is Google Hangout, which offers multiple editing options. There are others like Ustream or Screencast-O-Matic that allows you to capture the screen image to make tutorials. WebcamMax is a software that can capture the image of our screen, webcam or both, as well as add a title and other elements and effects.


Publishing and dissemination platforms

Youtube is the platform par excellence for the publication of videoblogs, although we must also mention vimeo and dailymotion. Social networks will be the most effective means of dissemination.


Basic Video Videoblogs Guide Miguel Angel Acera
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  1. Cada vez, es mas importante saber con qué persona estás contactando por internet… tenemos que cuidar nuestra imagen porque causar una buena impresión, es fundamental en nuestra profesión!!

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