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The western world is experiencing a change in the labor paradigm. What was previously safe, now is not so much. This also implies adaptation in the way of thinking of people. Nowadays the talent prevails in many aspects to the academic degree. But are we ready for this change? How can we carry it out?


We live in a time where changes happen at the speed of light. This happens in practically all areas, and adaptation is necessary if we do not want to stay behind. It is curious how we have learned in a relatively short time to use computer and technological devices that for older generations, like our grandparents, are closer to "magic" than to progress and development.

However, in other areas, such as labor, at a general level we are stuck. The current situation makes it clear that the idea of "studying to get a degree and to be able to find a fixed job for the future" has been totally obsolete. Having a university degree or a master's degree in the United States no longer means having a secure and well-paid job with a future.

The industrial age belongs to the 20th century and what acquires value in the 21st century is talent, entrepreneurship as a way of life. This situation pushes us to live from now on our gifts and talents. That is, the money will come in order to put value in the world.

We are at a time when you can live on anything. Go outside and check it out. Find or invent a niche market; you can do it, but for that, you must first know where you will be especially useful and good.

Network marketing is shown as a real opportunity for self-employment where sex, education or age do not matter; but that the success and the results depend directly on the effort, the work and the attitude of the own person.

Our society tends to endless tolerance with mediocrity, therefore if we propose and do what is necessary, we can stand out from the rest. The MLM gives us the tools to do it, but for this we must make changes in ourselves beforehand.


  • Commitment 100% with your plans and projects. It is the ability you have to follow the path you have marked even when the results do not appear. You can not have results before the commitment. Maybe you can change the path, but not the direction. Do not waste your time on tasks that are not in your area of influence, do not waste time talking about what you can not change. You can not make a better society until you, your family or your company are better.
  • If you want to have different results, you need to act differently, and for that you need to leave your state of "autopilot". That is, leave the answers you always have to the same stimuli that you live on a daily basis.
  • Act always giving you the best I, make decisions from the consciousness, and that consciousness gives you, once again, the CONSTANT COMMITMENT.
  • Realize the 3 key questions: why do I want to change ?, what do I want to change? How will I change it? If I do not have a clear and powerful why I will never find the answers to the how.
  • Be, do, have. It does not matter what you own or have, because it will always be appropriate to your SER level. Become a better person, form yourself. If you want to have economic abundance you must be a better professional, therefore, from the Being you will attract abundance.
  • Change your way of thinking and change the way you feel. Certain thoughts lead us to certain emotions, certain emotions lead us to certain actions, and certain actions lead us to certain habits that will have certain consequences ... The results.
  • Bomb your brain with what you want in your life. If you set clear goals and put action on it, you will have excellent results. Each night, before sleeping, in the instant before, give your brain information about what you want to do with your life, and for this it is essential that you do 2 things: thank and visualize. Thanks for all the good things that happened during the day. Remember: "what you focus on expands." Visualize what you want in your life, but live it from the present, not from the "I want this", because that would mean visualizing it from scarcity. Only by visualizing it in a positive way will you be able to reach it.

* Ideas taken from the seminar "Live without a boss", given by Sergio Fernández. (Journalist, coach and writer)


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1 thought on “Vivir Sin Jefe”

  1. Las cosas, como bien dices, están cambiando rápidamente. Quien no se adapte, tendrá difícil el futuro. Los dichos no son por casualidad: Adaptarse o morir!!!

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