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Yoniel García: «La Aventura de Emprender»


Entrepreneurship is the most extraordinary adventure you can experience. Entrepreneurship is something that everyone can do, although not everyone does it. Many people are satisfied with the security of what they already know, losing the opportunity of something better. It is the fear of failure. Although many people what they really have is fear of success.

Yes, you read well, many times we close ourselves to greatness, wealth and success, due to the belief that we can stop being ourselves, changing and becoming different or "bad" people.

Our mind is the best weapon and also the best enemy. Our mind is programmed to avoid pain and for survival.

Therefore, if there is any life experience that leads you to feel that you are in danger (real or symbolically), avoid it or take it out of it.

This happens at the unconscious level. The unconscious is the one who controls our mind, and our mind controls our life.

The only way to achieve what we consciously propose is to control US to the unconscious mind, or what is the same, UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHTS or beliefs.

The principle of EVERYTHING IS MIND, comes to be fulfilled in any case. There are several laws that we must take into account:

1. Your reality is a manifestation of your thoughts (conscious and unconscious).
2. You are 100% responsible for creating your reality as it is.
3. You are 100% responsible for correcting your thoughts and creating your reality.
4. Nothing exists outside, everything exists as a thought in my mind.

This may sound like Chinese, or the first reaction is to deny it. I invite you to reread it quietly and meditate on it. Change your thoughts and it will change your life.

But what is it that really paralyzes you? What leads you to repeat the same patterns? What prevents you from achieving success? I propose a brave exercise that can bring out your fears.

Take a blank page and write what is the worst that could happen if ...?

- If I am wrong or fail in this project.
- If I have success.
- I became a millionaire right now.

Fear is a very strong emotion associated with a thought that usually paralyzes us. Luckily there is a solution:

CHANGE the thoughts that lie behind that fear that is usually associated with an experience of ours or our ancestors and that we have learned and assimilated as "truth" or limiting mandate.

There are no successes without failures. But you must understand that failure is part of success. You may not remember when you learned to walk, but it is impossible for you to learn without falling, impossible. The same when you learned to ride a bicycle. And to master a skill requires time and also falls.

It was when we grew up when they told us that making a mistake was bad. But if we were always like children, when they fell we were encouraged and they said "come, up, it's okay", the crying or pain would be only a matter of seconds.

Connect with your mission

But we continue to grow, and despite the fact that as babies they taught us the great ability to walk on two legs, when we arrive at school they punish us for making mistakes in exams, and this way begins competitiveness and frustration.

As if failing in math or language defined the quality of person you are. And it is not like that. We must understand that there are several intelligences:
Mathematical, spatial, physical and emotional intelligence.

Surely you have one in which you stand out, or the set of several of them in different grade. You just have to know which one or which ones are and exploit them to the maximum. That will make you discover what you are here for. It will make you connect with your mission.

So, if you feel there is something that keeps you from moving forward and achieving your goals, take your time and analyze why that is happening. Remember that:

1. All events are neutral. You decide what is good or bad; what is success or failure.
2. Failure as such does not exist. It is simply an INTERPRETATION OF REALITY.
3. You can change your world by changing your thoughts and the interpretation of events.
4. Ask yourself questions that will lead you to answers that give you power. For example, what do I learn from this experience? What improvement awaits me now?
5. Focus on your talents. Look for reinforcement in the moments in your life in which you have succeeded or succeeded in re-trusting. Remember the things you do well and in excellence.
6. Connect with your mission. Take some time to reflect on WHAT are you here for.
7. To be courageous is to ACT despite the fear. Do it wisely using your intuition. You can, you deserve it and you allow it.



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